10 Hindi words to know before you travel to India

 Might it be said that you are making a trip to India ? Might it be said that you are arranging an outing to India? In the event that yes then, at that point, here are the best 10 Hindi words to know before you travel to India. These are exceptionally fundamental Hindi words which you can move began straight away. Assuming you need you can learn more travel Hindi here. Remember to pay attention to the elocution in the sound underneath. Hi – Namaste Much thanks to you – Dhanyavaad Mine – Mera Yours – Tumhara or Aapka Indeed – Haa No – Nahi Alright – Thik hai Stop – Ruko How about we go – Chalo Excuse me – Maaf kijiye These are 10 fundamental words which you can begin utilizing from the second you land at the air terminal. For instance, in the event that you get to the traditions/migration counter, you can welcome the movement official by saying Namaste (find out with regards to the significance of Namaste here) and when you leave you can say Dhanyavaad.